Welcome to Joe Cascio Photography and 2017!!!   I’ve spent the last 36 years pushing the button creating identities and memories for my clients.  From what might seem like the normal daily grind, to the most extraordinary of opportunities, I’ve been there.

Consider this, in one 48 hour period, I started in the mud pit on a cold, wet construction site and then found myself sitting in the Commander’s seat on the Space Shuttle Atlantis, with the Stanley Cup!  I think that covers most of the bases.  I know how fortunate I am, I do and I appreciate it more than anyone will ever know.


I have built my business upon successful relationships through the years, whether it was co-founding a web technology company in the early 90’s to where I sit today, relationships rule.  I’m most certainly not in to be a one hit wonder, from the outset, I’m upfront, I like to build strong long term relationships and most of my clients agree, it’s the same for them.  If you’re looking for a known factor and don’t want to hand hold and worry whether or not you’ll get what you were hoping for, I’m your guy.

I’m comfortable shooting product in the studio or fast breaking stories on the street and utilize my years of experience in all aspects of what I do and the tool bag I bring to the party.  I have my security clearance, I’m fully insured, I travel well and have an active passport, just for reference.  My clients have included some of the biggest names in business, news, sports and entertainment, and I would happily provide you with any references you might require.

I look forward to providing exceptional services for my clients for another 30 years and look forward to working with you soon too!

Contact me at  Joe@JCascioPhoto.com  follow me on Twitter @Panomaniac1 – Instagram Panomaniac1 – Facebook www.facebook.com/JoeCascioPhoto or call me to discuss your needs   716-228-5100     Thanks to Cheryl Gorski for the pic!